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Our Sub Committee (Transportation Infrastructure, Facilities, and Right-of-Ways as Sustainable Resources) is a great way to join in and discuss matters relevant to current events in our fields.
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ADC 60 – Committee for Waste Management and Resource Efficiency


Transportation Infrastructure, Facilities, and Right-of-Ways as Sustainable Resources

Objective Statement:
The subcommittee is concerned with alternative and innovative utilization of transportation agency properties such as right-of-ways, facilities, and infrastructure to support overall environmental and economic sustainability objectives.  The Subcommittee focuses on systems-based solutions, technology advances, research, and maintenance aspects associated with non-traditional utilization of transportation real assets.  Alternative financing models and project delivery methods in support of these projects are also targeted.

Overall Objectives
1.    Identify research in innovative resource utilization practices that positively impact environmental, economic and social resources.
2.    Identify innovative and implementable technologies for transportation applications.
3.    To earn recognition by the TRB as an innovation leader that promotes the identification, development, and application of sustainability concepts for utilization of transportation properties. 
4.    Disseminate to state DOTs and other agencies information on cost effective sustainability action implementation.

Near-Term Goals
1.    Hold subcommittee meeting during TRB Annual Conference attended by more than 10 people with more than 40% from outside ADC60.
2.    Partner with at least two additional committees (e.g. representing right-of-way, highway safety, etc).
3.    Submit at least one Research Needs Statement in 2014.
4.    Sponsor one session at the 2014 Annual Meeting

Example Potential Subcommittee Research Topics
1.    Production of renewable energy (energy harvesting) in right-of-ways (ROWs) and on transportation structures.
2.    Agricultural production (e.g., lumber, bio-fuel feedstock {e.g. switchgrass}).
3.    Utilization of ROWs for water quality enhancement and storm surge control.
4.    Sequestration and disposal of heavy metal contaminants using permeable pavement.
5.    Recycling of applied road salts through phytoremediation, plant harvest, bio-fuel production, and use of resultant biochar for deicing.
6.    Use of highway structures and roadside vegetation for noise and light pollution abatement.
7.    Collection and reuse of salt from runoff at highway support facilities.
8.    Geothermal warming of bridges for winter deicing.
9.    Renewable energy harvesting for winter deicing of bridges.
10.    Development of non-invasive, low maintenance landscaping methods for the roadside environment.
11.    Use of ROWs for power and data transmission conveyances.
12.    Use of ROW residuals for community enhancement (e.g. urban gardens).
13.    ROW and structures for wildlife habitat conservation and animal/vehicle conflict prevention.