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Transportation, Environment, and Energy: An Integrated Research Symposium

Please join the TRB Resource Conservation and Recovery Committee ADC60 at our annual summer workshop in Denver, Colorado, July 12-15, 2020.  This year is a joint workshop with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) committees on
Environmental Analysis in Transportation
Transportation and Air Quality
Ecology and Transportation
Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration
Resource Conservation and Recovery
Transportation Energy
Alternative Transportation Fuels and Technologies


More information is available on the TRB website. We hope to see you in Denver in July!


National Academy of Sciences building in Washington D.C.
National Academy of Sciences building in Washington D.C.

Last Year’s Workshop

Here is a glimpse from last year’s Summer Workshop on Sustainable Resource Conservation and Recovery in Transportation hosted in Washington, DC.

View Last Year’s Agenda

View Past Workshop Agendas