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2011 Summer Workshop

The following presentations are from the Transportation Research Board Waste Management & Resource Efficiency Committee's 2011 Summer Workshop “Sustainability & Liability in Transportation” hosted by Oregon Department of Transportation. The entire program can be accessed at:



List of Attendees for Conference (*.pdf format)

Download Attendees.pdf

Session 1: Skov

"Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Analysis: By Joshua Skov and Joshua Proudfoot from Good Company

Download 1_LifeCycleGHGAnalysis_SN1_Skov.pdf

Session 1: Edil

"Role of Recycled Material in Sustainable Roadway Construction" By Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson from Recycled Materials Resource Center

Download 2_EDIL-TRB Waste Management & Remediation Workshop 2011.pdf

Session 2: Lincoln

"The Portland Harbor Superfund Site and the Oregon Department of Transportation" By Kathy Lincoln of the Oregon Department of Justice

Download 1_JUSTICE-#2881380-v1-SN2_Lincoln.pdf

Session 2: Lloyd

"Portland Harbor Natural Resources Damage Assessment" By Diane Lloyd from Oregon Department of Justice and Erica Madden from Cascadia Law, P.C.

Download 2_JUSTICE-#2919925-v1-NRDA_powerpoint_for_ODOT.pdf

Session 3: Heeren

"10 Years of Environmental Management Success - A Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Perspective" By James Heeren, Ileana Ivanciu from Dewberry and Kenneth Thornton from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Download 1_10YrsEnvMgtSuccessPennDOTPerspective_SN3_Heeren.pdf

Session 3: Yesconis

"Proactive Environmental Management System: Illinois Department of Transportation's EMIS Implementation" By Michael Yesconis and S. Babusukumar from Weston Solutions and Steve Gobelman from Illinois Department of Transportation

Download 2_IDOTEMISImplementation_SN3_Yesconis.pdf

Session 3: Secord

"Creating a Sustainable Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Program" By Shawna Secord from Oregon Department of Transportation

Download 3_SPCC_SN3_secord.pdf

Session 4: White

"Gaines Street/Cascades Park Brownfields Redevelopment" By Mark E. White and Koren Taylor from WRScompass

Download 1_Final Portland TRB Presentation GSCP Brownfields.pdf

Session 4: Gobelman

"Acquiring Liability and Avoiding It at the Same Time" By Steven Gobelman from Illinois Department of Transportation

Download 2_ACQUIRING LIABILITY and AVOIDING IT 03fromat.pdf

Session 4: White2

"Storm Water Pond on Brownfield Site" By Mark White, Scott Lehr and Diane Anderson from WRScompass

Download 3_Final Brownfields Site Cleanup for FDOT.pdf

Session 5: Hirsch

"Sustainable Sediment Control Action Plan Strategies for Winter Highway Maintenance" By Art Hirsch from TerraLogic an ADC60 Committee Member.

Download 1_SedContActPlan_SN5_Hirsch.pdf

Session 5: Heeren

"Managing Winter Materials to Save Money and Protect the Environment" By Jim Hereen from Dewberry and ADC60 Committee Member.

Download 2_ManagingWinterMaterials_SN5_Heeren.pdf

Session 5: Moore

"Roadkill Management – Issues and Solutions" By Jeff Moore from Oregon Department of Transportation.

Download 3_rdkill_Sn5_Moore.pdf

Session 6: Beemer

"Assessment and Management of Background Chemicals in Soil" By Chris Breemer from Ash Creek Associates and Paul Seidel from Oregon Dept. Environmental Quality.

Download 1_Breemer_Seidel Presentation.pdf

Session 6: Niewendorp

"Health Risk Exposure to Naturally Occurring Hazardous Minerals During Construction" By Clark A. Niewendorp from Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

Download 2_HealthRiskNOHM_S6_Niewendorp.pdf

Session 7: Moore

"Oregon Department of Transportation Road Waste Management - Tribulations and Revelations" By Jeff Moore from Oregon Department of Transportation

Download 1_Rrdwst Manag_SN7_Moore.pdf

Session 7: Berg

"Street Waste Management System" By Ronald Berg and David Goff from Air Water and Soil Technologies.

Download 2_streetwastemang_SN5_Berg.pdf

Session 7: Lewis

"Potential Application of Green Technology for Converting Typical Solid Waste Streams from Transportation Facilities and Operations to Gas for Fuel or Power" By Tom Lewis from The Louis Berger Group an ADC60 Committee Member and Dave Soltis, Independent Consultant an ADC60 Committee Member.

Download 4_TRB Summer Conf (25 July 2011 Portland OR) Tom Lewis.pdf

Session 8: Eget

"Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Implementing Green Infrastructure Projects" By Steven Eget, PE, CEM from Dewberry.

Download 1_InnovMechImplementGreenInfra_SN8_Eget.pdf

Session 8: Sellers

"Oregon Department of Transportation – Jobs and Transportation Act Section 18: Better, Faster, Cheaper for Highway Construction Projects" By Jennifer Sellers and Ken Franklin from Oregon Department of Transportation.

Download 2_JTA_Section18_TRB_Presentation(072611)_Sellers.pdf

Session 8: Hill

"Federal Highway Administration Sustainable Highways Self-Evaluation Tool" By Constance Hill Galloway from Federal Highway Administration former ADC60 Committee Member.

Download 3_CHILL_INVEST TRB-ADC60 July 26 2011.pdf

Session 8: Abdallah

"New York City Transit Sustainability/Designing for the Environment" By Thomas Abdallah and Yekaterina Alglitsky from MTA New York City Transit a ADC60 Committee Member.

Download 4_Portand TRB 2011 EMS_SN8_Abdallah.pdf

Session 9: Hirsch

"Sustainable Rest Area Design and Operation" By Art Hirsch from TerraLogic and ADC60 Committee Member.

Download 1_SustRestArea_SN9_Hirsch.pdf

Session 9: Brusaw

"Solar Roadways" By Scott Brusaw, Solar Roadways, Inc.

Download 3_Solar_Roadways_SN9_Brusaw.pdf

Session 10: Maltinti

"Mechanical and Chemical Reliability of Mine Waste Material for Road Embankment and Subgrade" By Francesca Maltinti, Silvia Portas, Alessandro Lippi, Fabrizio Pisanu and Mauro Coni from University of Cagliari.

Download 1_TRB Presentation Coal Mine Debris_Portas_Coni_Maltinti.pdf

Session 10: Maltinti2

"Chemical and Mechanical Evaluation of Construction & Demolition Waste as an Alternative Aggregate for Road Embankments" By Francesca Maltinti, Silvia Portas and Mauro Coni from the University of Cagliari.

Download 3_TRB Presentation C&D PORTAS_CONI_MALTINTI.pdf

Session 10: Ilg

"Specifications for Balancing Pavement Quality with Use of Recycled Asphalt Shingles in RAP" By Larry Ilg from Oregon Department of Transportation.

Download 2_ODOT RAS TRB Waste 2011_SN10_Ilg.pdf

Session 11: Wallingford

"Fairfax County Parkway: Liability Concerns Affecting a Design / Build Project" By Doug Fraser, EEE Consulting and Ed Wallingford, Virginia Department of Transportation Chairman of ADC60 Committee.

Download 2_Wallingford-Fraser Presentation_updated.pdf

Session 11: Farr

"Practical Application of Green Remediation Techniques at Former Small Arms Ranges Located Within the Proposed Sunrise Project Area" By Leonard Farr, Jr. from AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.

Download 3_SunriseProjectArea_SN11_Farr.pdf

Session 12: Crook

"Oregon Department of Transportation Construction Waste Management Program" By Geoff Crook from Oregon Department of Transportation.

Download 1_TRB%20Presentation_Final_070711[1]_SN12_Crook.pdf

Session 12: Roick

"Beneficial Use of Solid Waste" By Tom Roick and Craig Filip from Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Download 2_BeneficialUseSW_SN12_Roick.pdf

Session 13: Engineers w/o Borders

"Engineers Without Borders - Portland Professionals Chapter" By Steve Adams from Portland Engineers Without Borders and City of Wilsonville.

Download 1_TRB Workshop- EWB 2011-07-26 Presentation_SN13_Adams.pdf

Site Visit

Site Map and Photos from tour of Portland Harbor Superfund Site Tour

Download PortlandHarborSiteTourMap.pdf