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2012 Summer Workshop

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Opening Session

Ed Wallingford

Download Opening Session - Wallingford.pdf

Session 1:

Current Information on Use of Combustion Byproducts in Transportation Projects – Practical Applications, Research and Regulatory Developments

David Kosson, Vanderbuilt University

"The Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework as a Tool for Risk‐informed, Science‐based Decisions"

Download Kosson-LEAF overview-TRB Madison WI July 2012.pdf

Craig Benson, University of Wisconsin

"Trace Element Leaching from Roadways Constructed with Recycled Bases and Subgrades Stabilized with Fly Ash"

Download Craig Benson - Trace Element Leaching from Roadways Constructed with Recycled Bases and Subgrades Stabilized with Fly Ash.pdf

Dan Graff, Wisconsin DOT

Legal Aspects of Use of Coal Combustion Byproducts in Transportation Projects

Ann Coakley, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion Materials in Wisconsin

Download Ann Coakley - Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion Materials in Wisconsin.pdf

Session 2:

Sustainable Design, Construction and Operations

Carson Poe, US DOT - Volpe Center for Transportation

Alternative Uses of Highway Right of Way Accommodating Renewable Energy Technologies

Download POE-07_09_12_Presentation_TRB_ADC60_SummerMtg.pdf

Angelo Elmi, New York City Transit

Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot Reconstruction Case Study in Resource Efficiency

Download ANGELO Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot TRB2012.pdf

Bridget Donaldson, The Virginia Center for Transportation Research and Innovation

Roadkill Composting

Download B.DONALDSON ADC60 summer meeting.pdf

Session 3:

Sustainable Design, Construction and Operations (Continued)

Karl Peet, Chicago Transit Authority

An Integrated Approach to Climate Adaptation for Transit Assets in Chicago

Download Karl Peet - CTA Climate Adaptation Pilot.pdf

Mark Vogel, Minnesota DOT

Environmental Regulations, Liabilities and Waste Management

Download VOGEL-TRB Environmental Liability.pdf

Peter Burger, STV Inc.

Construction Waste Management in Accordance with LEED


James D. Heeren, Dewberry, Inc.

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Envision™ Sustainability Rating System

Download HEERAN-ISI Sustainability Rating System TRB 2012.pdf

Session 4:

Use of Industrial Byproduct Materials in Transportation Projects

John Y. Yzenas, National Slag Association

Transportation Applications of Steel Furnance Slag

Download Yzenas-ADC 60 - July 2012 - Steel Slag.pdf

Bryant Esch, Waupauca Foundry

Foundry Sand Use in Wisconsin Highway Projects

Download ESCH-BRM Presentation, July 2012.pdf

William E. Thacker, Western Michigan University

Road-Related Applications of Paper Industry

Download Thacker ADC60 Madison 2012.pdf

Mike Blumenthal, Rubber Manufactures Association

The Use of Scrap Tires in Highway and Road Construction

Download BlumenthalTRB602012.pdf

Session 5:

MS4 Stormwater Issues and Recent Developments – Effects on DOTS

Ken Thornton, PennDOT

PennDOT's MS4 Permit Compliance: A Case History

Download THORNTON- PennDOTMS4.pdf

Brian Bell, USEPA Region V

Mike Hanson, Dewberry, Inc.

Feasibility of Using Shredded Rubber Tire for Rockfall Protection Structures

Download Hanson Rubber Tire Rockfall (TRB).pdf

Michelle Reynolds, Wisconsin DOT

MS4 Stormwater Issues & TMDL Compliance for WisDOT

Download REYNOLDS-TRB July2012.pdf

Session 6:

Waste Minimization and Management, and Sustainability Initiatives

Jim Hanson, California Polytechnic State University

Nazli Yesiller, California Polytechnic State University

Reuse of Waste Corrugated Board in Civil Engineering Applications

Download Yesiller ADC Workshop Corrugate Presentation 2012 NY.pdf

Thomas Abdallah, New York City Transit

New York City Transit’s EMS: Recycling Construction and Demolition Debris

Download Tom Abdallah TRB Recycling.pdf

Session 7:

Waste Minimization and Management - Reusing Byproducts in Transportation Applications (Continued)

Art Covi, We Energies

EcoPad - High Recycled Content In-situ Mixed Roller Compacted Concrete

Download Covi EcoPad - ADC - TRB ADC-60 Workshop 07-2012.pdf

John Schert, University of Florida

Hinkley Center FDOT Projects: Ammoniated Fly Ash and Cement Kiln Baghouse Filter Dust

Download John Schert FDOTProjectsPresentationJohnfinal.pdf

Don Brenneman, PIKA International, Inc.

Hydrocarbon Recovery – Now an Issue of Economics

Download BRENNEMAN-TRB Presentation_B.pdf

Session 8:

Sustainable Transportation Tools and Resources

Andrew Graettinger, University of Alabama

Recycled Materials Web Map: Connecting Consumers & Producers

Download Graettinger Recycled Material Web Map.pdf

Elizabeth Olenbush, EO Associates, Inc.

Industrial Resources Council: Partners in Sustainable Resource Management in Transportation

Download OlenbushADC60_IRC_7.10.12.pdf

Elizabeth Olenbush, EO Associates, Inc.

Opportunities for Use of Industrial Materials in Highway/Road Construction

Download OlenbushFHWA_ADC60.pdf

Tuncer Edil, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Resources Available through the Recycled Materials Resource Center (RMRC)

Download EDIL-RMRC3G.pdf