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2017 Summer Workshop

The following presentations are from the Transportation Research Board's Committee on Resource Conservation and Recovery's 2017 Summer Workshop
Natural Resources, Sustainability and their Intermodal Connections

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July 19 Opening Session Keynote: FergusonPort of Duluth-Superior Gateway to the World

July 19 Opening Session Keynote: TochilinSustainability - An Airiline Perspective

July 19 Opening Session: Rep Nolan greeting

July 19 Focus Session: ChickaDuluth-Superior Harbor Planning - A Model for Stakeholder Collaboration

July 19 Focus Session: DeLuca and Timm-BijoldBrownfield Success Duluth-Style

July 19 Focus Session: French and BrenemanCreative Use of Navigational Dredge Material

July 19 Breakout 1A: Cai and Saftner et alComparing Properties of Alternative Media for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems

July 19 Breakout 1A: EgerRemoving Metals from Stormwater Using Peat Sorption Media

July 19 Breakout 1A: GulliverRoadside Swales Infiltration Performance Calculator

July 19 Breakout 1A: SchombergA Field Guide for Maintaining Rural Roadside Ditches

July 19 Breakout 1B: DoolittleUsing Waste Glass to Mitigate ASR in Taconite

July 19 Breakout 1B: MD Zia UddinImpact of Road Intersection on Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gases Emission

July 19 Breakout 1B: MooreGlass as a Supplementary Cementitious Material

July 19 Breakout 1B: SchlosserAlkali Leaching Properties of Waste Glass-Based Geopolymers

July 19 Breakout 1B: Wang and LindseyEquity Analysis of Access to Bike Share - A Case Study in Twin Cities MN

July 19 Breakout 2A: Schmidley PennDOT I-95 Waste Management Practices

July 19 Breakout 2A: ThomasEnvironmental Stewardship of Used Building Materials

July 19 Breakout 2A: VogelMnDOT Bridge Demolition Environmental Requirements

July 19 Breakout 2A: Pakes and EdilUse of Scrap Tires for Civil and Environmental Engineering Applications

July 19 Breakout 2B: CederothDelivering Sustainable Infrastructure for California

July 19 Breakout 2B: DelaneyIntegration of Climate Change Resiliency Into State of Good Repair

July 19 Breakout 2B: HirschClimate Change Vulnerabilities and Risk Based Mgmt for Transportation Assets

July 19 Breakout 2B: Singer-Berk and LindseyWeather Season and Weekend vs Weekday Effects on Triail Traffic

July 20 Opening Session Keynote: HustonPulling Out all the Stops - The Relocation of US Hwy 53 for Mine Expansion

July 20 Opening Session Keynote: OgardLogistics Clusters Trailer (Hi-res)

July 20 Opening Session Keynote: OgardThe Intermodal Connection to Rural Americas Resources

July 20 Focus Session: KeroTemporary Recreational Use of Mine Lands

July 20 Focus Session: ReavieThe Great Ships Initiative - Eliminating Ship Mediated Invasive Species Introductions

July 20 Focus Session: StrumThe Poe Lock - Lynchpin of the Great Lakes Navigation System

July 20 Focus Session: WebergBalancing Natural Resources and Sustainability

July 20 Breakout 3A: DeDeneThe Benefits of Cold-in-place Recycling of Asphalt Pavement

July 20 Breakout 3A: HartmanEvaluation of Full Depth Reclamation for Suburban Local Roads

July 20 Breakout 3A: Sumon and BadrulUse of High Contents of RAP in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements

July 20 Breakout 3A: Pakes, Sanger, Olley and EdilCold-in-Place Recyling Quantifying the Environmental Benefits Using Life Cycle Assessment

July 20 Breakout 3B: GernandThermal Remediation of TCE at a Former Asphalt Lab

July 20 Breakout 3B: KeenerMaryland Transit Administrations Environmental Management System as Driver for Change

July 20 Breakout 3B: YzenasUtilization of Steel Furnace Slag in Environmental Remediation

July 20 Breakout 4A: BarmanUse of Fibers, RAP and Taconite in Asphalt Mixtures for Cold Climate Regions

July 20 Breakout 4A: LarsonEffect of Waste Glass Compositional Variability on Geopolymer Strength Performance

July 20 Breakout 4A: ZankoAn Overview and Update of the NRRIs Minerals Based Byproduct R&D Activities

July 20 Breakout 4B: GhoshTesting Protocol to Obtain Failure Properties of Asphalt Binders

July 20 Breakout 4B: Hossain and AhsanPerformance of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) as Sustainable Construction Material in Concrete Pavement

July 20 Breakout 4B: Marasteanu and Jia-Liang Le and TurosGraphite Nano-Platelet (GNP) Reinforced Asphalt Paving Materials

July 20 Breakout 4B: XuNuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Graphene Oxide Influence on Hydration of Fly Ash